Who are we?

We are a company that provides solutions to those who need to start or consolidate an online business, through:

  • Design: We give shape, color and harmony (beauty) to your ideas so you can pass them on to your audience.

  • Tech Support (or Technology Tools): We take care of the configuration and integration of platforms so that functionality is a relief and not a headache.

  • Tech consulting and coaching: We teach you how to use and get the best out of platforms, so that you can have the control of your business strategies yourself.

  • Business consulting and coaching: We teach you various strategies to launch/consolidate your business online and provide you with the accompaniment (coaching) so that you can implement them successfully.

… but you can call us Gabriela and Azucena

We are two women who have always enjoyed helping others. Until a while ago, we both performed in conventional working life (going to the workplace and fulfilling a schedule), but once we became mothers (first Gabriela, and a few years later Azucena), we decided to continue doing what we like, except with a new format: now thanks to the Internet, we work from home, helping people (like you) who do too.

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to create these networks? We certainly believe so.

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